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Hair extensions and sew ins provide clients with the look and feel of longer hair or thicker hair. At Nature’s Outer Beauty Salon, our hair sew ins are one of our most popular products and services. The process involves creating small plaits, or cornrows, in your hair, into which the sew in extensions are fastened. This is a natural method of applying hair extensions that does not use any unnecessary chemicals, heat, or glues. If you are looking for the most experienced stylists in Cincinnati, OH, come to our natural salon.

The stylists at Nature’s Outer Beauty Salon have many years of experience in doing weaves and sew ins, which is very important to the quality of your results—those who do not use the correct process might damage your own hair. This can cause your hair to fall out or it may prevent your hair from growing on its own.

Today, many of our repeat clients have stories about failed attempts at extensions from other salons! We want our clients to be completely satisfied with their experience, from start to finish. That is why we excel at sew ins.

How long do our sew in extensions last? If sew ins are cared for properly, they can last for up to three months—though of course, we would love to see you more often! Ask about our eyebrow, eyelash, and arm pampering services, to keep up with your overall, natural beauty routine between sew in appointments! The type of hair woven into the natural hair can be of any length, texture, or color that you choose. We have several application options, depending on your natural length, texture, and desired look.

Are you considering sew ins for your next beauty look?

If so, please call Nature’s Outer Beauty Salon of Cincinnati, OH, and schedule your sew in extensions consultation!

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